Atefeh Mansouri nicknamed Ati Music was born on April 12, 1995 in the beautiful city of Isfahan, the city of culture and art. Since Ati had a special interest in art since childhood.

 she started writing poetry, painting and calligraphy from a young age, and completed her university studies at the master’s degree in architecture. At the same time, she started singing with her brother, who was a three-stringed guitar player. And through her brother, who was also a singing teacher, she learned singing techniques. Also, at the age of 14, Ati experienced singing classes under the supervision of experienced teachers and pursued it professionally.

In 2020, Ati left Iran forever and trained in the field of modeling in Cyprus and Turkey under the supervision of professional and experienced teachers. Ati works professionally in the fields of photo modeling and catwalk and with Alfazzo and Rivani brands. And Why Not Model has previously collaborated and is currently working with MMG MODELS and Bareface Modeling Agency in Dubai.

Ati loves to exercise and devotes two hours of her time to exercise every day. One of his constant concerns are homeless animals and she always thinks about how to support these beautiful creatures of God. Ati knows singing as her main profession and all his songs are in the styles of Arab, pop and hip-pop.

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